Walking Dead babble… (Something Different)


I was so glad when that bitch died.


…Thank you.

What made me a little upset were people saying that T-Dog AND Lori went down as heroes.


Ah, no sorry. Only T-Dog was. Lori was just a hindrance… and annoying… and a rude bitch…

I still miss T-Dog.


(I got to meet IronE in real life. He is the SWEETEST guy to ever meet. Always treats people like he has known them forever, so humble, and so damn hugable it’s amazing.)

Can’t wait for the second half of the season to come back! Although, I think the season preview at the end of the mid-season episode sort of ruined the surprise :/ At least, that’s my opinion…

So yes, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 and Walking Dead are my must-have-television nights.

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